Big event|Review of Guangzhou Beauty Fair

发布日期:2019-05-20 14:23

Big event|Review of Guangzhou Beauty Fair

“Aobao Zhizhi, Zhizhi makes the future!”

Opal Group Exhibition Area

From March 10 to 12, 2019, the 50th Guangzhou International Beauty Fair was held in Pazhou Complex. The Opal Group Cosmetics Processing Division participated for the first time.


Q1: Why did Opal participate in the Guangzhou International Beauty Fair?
A  :  In order to let people know about Opal again.

n the past, people mentioned that Opal may think that it is a traditional cosmetics processing enterprise. It is reasonable to think that Opal is a processing mode of “coming and producing”. However, Opal's position on itself has never been a family-owned processing enterprise, but a partner-type enterprise that can help the brand to create, build, and build. Therefore, this exhibition, the Opel processing business segment is “Aobaozhi”. In the name of "making", we will strive to present our strength and style to the public.

Guest is busy


Q2: What is the most attractive product of Opal in this exhibition?
A  : Opal shampoo intelligent robot Opalbot.

Opalbot is a high-end technology product tailored to each consumer's tailored shampoo. Its internal intelligent system can customize the shampoo of personalized formula according to different scalp and hair conditions of each person. A custom-made care shampoo is available in just 90 seconds. At the same time, consumers do not have to worry about the price. Aobao Zhizhi is determined to develop and produce high-quality care products that are affordable for every consumer. Let Opal enter the public.

Customers personally experience the Opal shampoo intelligent robot Opalbot


Q3:What is the future planning of Opal?
 A   : Opal will continue to carry out technological innovation and break through itself.

The Opal Group will follow the requirements of the national development strategy, continuously develop itself, eliminate backward production capacity and develop new production capacity.

The Opal Shampoo Intelligent Robot is an important part of the Opal Smart Terminal and an important link in the “Aobao Smart Manufacturing”. Along with the implementation of Opal's next capacity upgrade strategic plan, we will also deploy a private custom cosmetics field, allowing the large-scale production of private customized models to be carried out, making the name of “Aobao Zhizhuang” spread to thousands of homes.

“Aobao Zhijian” team