The Opal Group Supplier Conference ended successfully

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The Opal Group Supplier Conference ended successfully

"The ideal, the road to hope!"

On April 23, 2019, the 2019 Aobao Cosmetics Group Suppliers Conference was held in Huizhou Crown Hotel with the theme of “The Road to Ideals and the Road to Hope”. At this event, our company invited all the raw material suppliers and packaging materials suppliers who have a good cooperative relationship with our company to look back on the outstanding achievements of Opal in 2018 under the concerted efforts of all of us, to build confidence and look forward to the future. .
The supplier conference is divided into two mornings and two afternoons. In the morning, it is the sharing and exchange meeting of the two parts of the raw material branch and the accessories sub-conference. In the afternoon, it is the supplier's reward meeting.


Raw material field

The theme of the conference at the raw materials venue was “Quality and Sharing”, and the opening speech was delivered by Mr. Lian Yingjun, General Manager of the Asia Pacific Processing Division. The general manager first expressed his gratitude to the suppliers present, and then interpreted it from the perspective of “reform of raw materials to trigger formulation technology changes”, which put forward higher expectations and requirements for raw material suppliers.
      Later, Xia Shumin, manager of the research and development department of Opal, analyzed the cosmetics market and technology, and interpreted the deep meaning of the theme of “quality and sharing”, which led to the inevitable problems in the high-speed development of cosmetics as high-tech enterprises. - Product quality issues and resource sharing issues, and invited two suppliers from Guangzhou Tianci High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. and Zhongshi Chemicals Co., Ltd. to share themes. Tianci combined their own development process to share their strict quality control and valuable examples. Zhongshi explained unique insights from the perspectives of corporate compliance, green chemistry and sustainable development.
     Then, we invite suppliers to participate in the brainstorming around the theme of “quality and sharing”. During the discussion, members of each group spoke enthusiastically, actively contributing their own resources and thinking about empathy. After the discussion, each group shared their views on “quality” and exported practical solutions to the conflict. At the end of the meeting, the host invited Mr. Shu Junzhong, the vice chairman of the Opal Group, to make a summary of the raw materials. At this point, the raw material session meeting was in the midst of a burst of applause.

Opening speech by General Manager Lian Yingjun

Godsend representative speaks

Zhongshi Chemical representatives speak


Supplier representatives share the results of the discussion

Vice Chairman Shu Junzhong made a meeting summary


Accessory venue

The theme of the conference was “Lean Change and Cooperation”, and the opening speech was delivered by Ms. Zhang Juan, General Manager of Opal Cosmetics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang first expressed his gratitude to the suppliers present, and then reviewed the progress of the related work after the last supplier conference, and focused on the achievements of Opal on the road of 5S lean change, and encouraged suppliers. Involved in the process of participating in the lean transformation, "the same meaning is the same, the same is common", I believe that Opal and suppliers in the process of change will be able to grow together and make progress together.
Then Luo Weiqiang, Production Manager of 5S Lean Management Reform, and Mo Zhisheng, Manager of Quality Assurance Department, shared the outstanding achievements in the 5S lean management reform work, and invited Shenzhen Innovation Plastic Products Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Heng The three suppliers of Wei Packaging Products Co., Ltd. and Xinqiang Printing (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. demonstrated their changes and growth in the 5S lean management transformation work with Aobao Road in the past years.
In the final free communication session, the discussion atmosphere was free and enthusiastic. The suppliers all expressed their opinions and opinions and made valuable suggestions and opinions, which benefited us a lot.

Host announces theme

General Manager Zhang Juan gave an opening speech

Aobao factory 5S results sharing

Zhaoting factory 5S results sharing

New strong representatives share 5S results

The suppliers are concentrating on listening


Supplier rewards

The Supplier Reward Conference officially began at 2 pm, and Mr. Wu Huicheng, Chairman of the Opal Group, first opened the opening speech for the conference.
Wu Sheng first expressed gratitude to the suppliers for their long-term support and cooperation. He said: "To do business, we should take long-term cooperation as the guiding principle, and win-win cooperation as the basis for cooperation, and make the business bigger and longer ".


Mr. Wu Huicheng, Chairman of the Board, gave an opening speech


Wu Sheng then thanked the employees of Opal for their hard work in the past year and praised the corporate culture of the Opal and Zhaoting factories. Wu Sheng said that excellent corporate culture can greatly contribute to the growth of the company.

Finally, Wu Sheng also proposed an initiative, hoping that suppliers can continue to optimize and improve the cost control, together to make Opal's products more competitive in the market, to help the growth of Opal, Opal can not afford We are constantly striving to deepen our cooperation with suppliers.

Subsequently, Mr. Shu Junzhong, Vice Chairman of the Opal Cosmetics Group, delivered a keynote speech entitled “The Road to Ideals and the Road to Hope”. He said: "If you compare a company to a ship, then we have gradually evolved from the first seven or eight people, two or three guns, to a warship that is now riding the wind and waves, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, but wants Growing up into an invincible, ocean-going aircraft carrier formation requires every Opal and every supplier to work together and forge ahead on the road of hope. Only then can we reach our ideals, and we will be able to reach the same frequency. willing."

Vice Chairman Shu Junzhong gave a keynote speech


Later, Ms. Zeng Yulin, the general manager of the International Processing Division and the Free Brand Overseas Business Unit, shared her interpretation of the unique charm of the “Opel” brand, reviewed the good performance of the “Opel” in the past year, and expressed her understanding of “Opera”. "Into the pace of expansion of the international market's strong confidence.

General Manager Zeng Yulin gave a keynote speech


In addition, Mr. Zeng also reviewed the excellent achievements of the Opal Group in the international processing business in the past year, together with Ms. Zheng Qiaofeng, the deputy general manager of the International Processing Division. Finally, she advocated that all suppliers and Opal will take action. The earth's green environment contributes.


General Manager Zeng Yulin and Deputy General Manager Zheng Qiaofeng

Mr. Lian Yingjun, General Manager of the Asia Pacific Processing Division, interprets and analyzes the popular vocabulary of the cosmetics industry such as “grassing grass”, “explosive products”, “component party”, etc., and shares his development direction for the foundry and future cosmetics market. Understanding. Lian believes that in today's increasingly important supply chain, factory branding is the most effective way to enhance the competitiveness of the factory, and Opal's factory brand - "Aobao Zhizhuang" came into being

General Manager Lian Yingjun gave a keynote speech


Mr. Zhong Limin, the general manager of sales, expressed his new expectations for suppliers. Mr. Zhong is eagerly expecting suppliers to have innovative thinking, product innovation based on user needs, and to be able to play a subjective initiative, become a “proposed supplier”, and more proactively serve Opal, and join hands with Opal. In concert to enhance market competitiveness, Opal will also feed back suppliers and achieve a win-win situation.

General Manager Zhong Limin gave a keynote speech


Afterwards, he entered the supplier awarding stage. Three awards were awarded this year, namely “Sincere Cooperation Award”, “Excellent Supplier Award” and “Strategic Partner Award”.

The suppliers who have won the "Sincere Cooperation Award" are: Shenzhen Junhe Trading Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Junpeng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Aiboxin Perfume Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ryukyu Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Huizhou Hengwei Packaging Products Co., Ltd. Company, Guangzhou Ao Cui Trading Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Sanrong Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., Huizhou Xinhuike Plastic Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xianghe Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Kemei Grease Chemical Co., Ltd.

"Sincere Cooperation Award" awards group photo

The suppliers that won the "Excellent Supplier Award" are: Huizhou Zhaoxing Printing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Pengchi Printing Co., Ltd., Aisol (Guangzhou) Packaging Co., Ltd., BASF (China) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tianci High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., International Spices (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhongshi Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tongxing Lixing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Junshi Packing Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Jingji Plastic Factory Co., Ltd.

"Excellent Supplier Award" Awards


The suppliers that won the “Strategic Partner Award” are: Zhongshan Lianchang Spray Pump Co., Ltd., Hunan Lichen Aowei Industrial Co., Ltd., and Xinqiang Printing (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.


"Strategic Partner Award" awards group photo


After the award, Ms. Zhang Juan, the general manager of Opal Cosmetics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. shared two important points with the suppliers: I hope that the suppliers of packaging materials can provide a solution to the idea of recommending finished products. Second, it emphasizes the importance of the spirit of the contract, and hopes that every supplier can put the spirit of the contract at the forefront.


Zhang Juan, general manager

Later, Shu and Dong and Wu Sheng also explained the meaning of the contract spirit from their own personal experiences. They said that the "contract spirit" is the foundation of being a human being, the foundation of the foundation, and showing the suppliers a must. The image of the Opal, which is strictly abide by credit.

Chairman Wu Huicheng interprets the "contract spirit"

Next, we invite suppliers to speak their minds and present their valuable opinions and suggestions. There is no doubt that the atmosphere of the venue is very warm, and the partners are actively proposing their own views and opinions. The perspective determines the horizon, and we also listen to the ideas of our partners humbly. Whether it is the improvement of communication methods and the suggestions for changes in the workflow, or the higher expectations of Opal, we have benefited a lot. I believe these good ideas will It will have a positive impact on the development of Opal.


Supplier's speech (1)

Supplier's speech (2)

At the end of the conference, Deputy Director Shu made a concluding speech and once again expressed sincere gratitude to the suppliers present. In the warm applause of the audience, the conference was successfully concluded.

Vice Chairman Shu Junzhong made a summary for the conference

This supplier conference strengthened the relationship between Opal and suppliers, suppliers and suppliers, and enhanced the cohesiveness of the “Opel Community” with Opel as the core and suppliers as support points, and enhanced suppliers. We are confident in the construction of Aobao and the realization of a better future. We firmly believe that with the support and assistance of our suppliers, Opal will become better and stronger, and grow into an aircraft carrier that sails!



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Host moderator

Afternoon conference panorama

The ideal, the road to hope!
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