Opal News | Review of the Opal Group Spring Festival Evening

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Opal Dynamics | Review of the Opal Group Spring Festival Evening

“Together, win-win, build a dream!”

Opal Group Spring Festival Evening Host

On March 15, 2019, the Opal Group Spring Festival Evening will arrive as scheduled. The Opal Group Spring Festival Evening has been 19 years old. Every spring and evening party is a joyful moment for the people of Australia to gather together.


The theme of this spring evening party is "concentric win-win, building dreams and voyage".

In the past few years, all the personnel of the Aobo Group's cosmetics module strictly abide by the correct guidelines of “two-in-two increase”, and with the joint efforts of all subsidiaries, successfully completed the comprehensive performance growth target proposed by the board of directors in 2018. 2018 We work together and walk together; 2019, we are brave enough to go forward, win together, build dreams, and create a majestic blueprint that belongs to the Opal.

Mr. Wu Huicheng, Chairman of the Opal Group, delivered an important speech at the party, which led the employees of the group to look back on the achievements made in 2018 and look forward to the glorious prospects of 2019. Mr. Wu Huicheng’s important speech has injected a lot of spurs into the group’s employees, motivating employees to work hard for the future of Opal.

Chairman Wu Huicheng delivered a speech


At the spring evening party, a grand release ceremony was held. “Opel's Opal Solution” is officially released! “Intelligence” is reflected in the development of intellectual and intellectual production, which is the key gene and important basis for the rapid development of Opal; and ‘Solution’ is reflected in Opal's ability to provide customers with a one-stop solution for cosmetic brand processing.

The official release of the Opal factory brand has given the Opal people a stronger sense of mission and pride, greatly enhancing the confidence of the Opal people. I wish that our "Aobao Zhizhi" factory brand can carry forward and resound through China and go to the world!

"Aobao Zhizhi" factory brand unveiled


Mr. Shu Junzhong, Vice Chairman of the Opal Group, delivered a wonderful speech entitled “The Road to Ideals and the Road to Hope”.

Shu said: "The enterprise is like a ship. It will inevitably experience constant ups and downs in the voyage. No one can succeed casually. Our helmsman has paid countless efforts and sweat in the back! Thanks for all struggles and struggles. The Opal people.

With the joint efforts of everyone, the Opal Group will surely become the carrier of the voyage! However, sailing is not the same as voyage. Everyone in the Opal should work harder to achieve a milestone on the road of hope, and finally reach the dream of Opal! ”

Shu’s speech pointed out the direction of the Opal ship, and gave the Opal people great encouragement, so that everyone is full of confidence and expectation for the future of Opal!

Mr. Shu Junzhong, Vice Chairman, delivered a speech


At the Spring Festival Evening Party, the Opal Group awarded the “10th Anniversary Contribution Award” and the “20th Anniversary Contribution Award” for the 10th anniversary of the dedication. I am grateful that they have stood firm and dedicated. Also awarded the "Opel Future Star Award" and the "Optimization Improvement Highlight Award". Thank them for their hard work and sweat for the Opal Group.

Mr. Zhang Zhanhong, the driver who has served the company for more than 20 years, said in the interview section after the “Star of the Future” award: “We should treat the work with the attitude of treating the girlfriend and do the work every minute. In the hard work, I feel the sense of accomplishment brought about by each job." The humorous language reveals its optimistic and open-minded work attitude and the professional accomplishment that has been formed through years of serious work.

In the evening party, the award of "2018 Excellent General Manager and Special Contribution Award" was also held. The winner was Mr. Huang Qinghai, General Manager of Huizhou Zhaoting Cosmetics Co., Ltd. In 2018, General Manager Huang Qinghai led the team of Zhao Ting Company to work hard, and worked hard day and night to overcome the difficulties of one and another, and created brilliant achievements.

The atmosphere of the awards made people feel warm and touching. After the awards, there were a series of exciting draws that pushed the party to a climax.

"2018 Excellent General Manager and Special Contribution Award" Awards

"20th Anniversary Contribution Award" Awards

"10th Anniversary Contribution Award" Awards

“Opel Group Future Star” Awards

“Optimization and Improvement Highlights Award”

Super Grand Prize Draw


There are also many wonderful programs on the scene of the party. There are symphonies that bring a sense of hearing, modern dances and classical dances that bring visual feasts, and ridicules that make people laugh... These programs are organized and prepared by the subsidiaries of the Opal Group. The spirit of the team and the infinite wisdom of the Opal people. Show the elegance of the Opal Group!

  (The pictures are arranged in the order of appearance)

Symphony Orchestra Performance - Spring Festival Overture

Classical Dance - Splendid Future

Jazz dance - this is me

Modern dance - happy holidays

Modern dance - burning people

Essay — Lean Concerto

Classical dance - thanksgiving


There are some wonderful photos, please pick them up and enjoy them.

The management of Opal Group, on behalf of all Opal people, thanked Chairman Wu Huicheng

Mr. Wu Huicheng, the management and chairman of Opal Group, moved to embrace

Photo of the management of Opal Group

Group photo

Concentric and win-win, build dreams and sail! In 2019, the Opal Group Spring Festival Evening ended successfully.
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