2018 Charity Fundraising Gala

发布日期:2019-08-02 23:30
On October 19, 2018, the “Charity for Huai·Happiness Wanjia” Huizhou Hong Kong and Macau Charity Foundation 2018 Charity Fundraising Gala was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Ballroom. Through the donations, the auctions, etc., the party raised a total of RMB 45.585 million.

Since its establishment in 2006, Huizhou Hong Kong and Macau Charity Foundation has held a charity evening party every two years. Through charity evenings and self-raising by fund members, it has raised nearly RMB 160 million. This kind of charity embodies the deep love and goodwill of the members of the past, and the good and the long-loving people who are loveless are not only doing business in a down-to-earth manner, but also giving back the wealth they have created to the society without compensation.

The party was highly valued by the Huizhou Municipal Party Committee Municipal Government. Among them, Mr. Li Weiwei, Secretary of Huizhou Municipal Party Committee and Ms. Huang Yanxing, Chairman of Huizhou Municipal Political Consultative Conference, attended the party.

After reviewing the love and charity of the Hong Kong and Macao Foundation, the Chairman of the New Hong Kong and Macao Foundation, Mr. Wu Huicheng, led the new member of the Standing Committee to make a toast. For more than 10 years, Mr. Wu Huicheng has a heart of charity and good deeds. He contributes to Huizhou's charity every year and has donated a total of 30 million yuan. Since the establishment of the Hong Kong and Macao Foundation, Wu Sheng has strongly supported the work of the Foundation, contributed capital, and personally participated in the foundation's poverty alleviation, school construction, earthquake relief and other work. As the chairman of this foundation, Wu Sheng set a goal of raising 38 million yuan for himself. He generously expressed his determination and ambition to lead the Hong Kong and Macao Foundation, and moved everyone here. The people at the party raised their glasses of wine in their hands, sipping them and wishing them all the best - Hong Kong and Macao Foundation can continue to develop steadily and achieve great success!

With the progress of the dinner, Ren Weng's long-term adherence to the moral responsibility of “Da is the best in the world” has directed the donation of cheques for the public welfare undertakings and precision poverty alleviation work in the city. Among them, Wu Huicheng, Chairman of Opal Group, donated 3 million yuan for projects such as Xinguang Primary School in Wuhu Town, Huicheng District, and Shangdong Village in Yao Village, Longmen County. Zhang Zhang’s cheque, completed under the witness of the municipal party committee, completed the handover; the share of love, under the witness of the municipality, completed the transfer.

Then, the party came to the most lively and exciting auction. Twelve good and charitable donations of their own treasured items for many years, and on-site auctions, only to raise more money to help more difficult people. Unlike other auctions, the bidders who participated in this auction did not come to the value of the auction, but to give the society a love. During the auction process, the good and the enthusiasm of the good and the young, have "raised the price", the process is very fierce, every good and good for the love is unwilling, after the scenes applause, love is strong. In the end, a total of 6.768 million yuan was raised.

This evening party, witnessed by all the leading guests on the scene, after more than 2 hours of targeted donations and auctions, raised a total of 45.695 million yuan, once again breaking the record of the last month, the members of the new Hong Kong and Macao Foundation We have made great achievements again. The Hong Kong and Macao Foundation has once again added color to Huizhou's charity. Everyone present at the event gave warm applause and heartfelt gratitude and high respect. The dinner was a perfect ending in the laughter and laughter, and it was a complete success.