2017 reshui town volunteer activity "send warmth at the end of the year"

发布日期:2019-08-02 23:39
On December 28th, 2017, the “Year of the Warmth” volunteers organized by the Executive Department of Opal Cosmetics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. and the Opal Volunteer Team. The action was led by Liu Bin, the manager of the administrative department, Xu Hengchun, the head of the Personnel Section of the Administration Department, and Lian Guofu, the director of the Security Office of the Ministry of Administration, who led the action. The total number of participants in this event is 10 members, including the Ministry of Administration, the Quality Assurance Department, and the volunteer team members of the Production Department. Before the event, our Personnel Section Chief and the relevant person in charge of the local hot water town got in touch, communicated, consulted the local situation, and prepared condolences for this to ensure the smooth progress of the operation. The volunteer team set off at 8.30 minutes and arrived at the destination at 11.48. The team members proceeded neatly, arrived at the destination and related responsible persons, met with the village secretary, and set off to understand the situation and prepare for the next action. During this event, we greeted 10 poor families with special difficulties. For this reason, the Opal Volunteer Team prepared 10 points of condolences. The volunteer team worked hard to climb the mountain, take the mud road, and go to the rain, just to send the condolences to the hands of the condolences, let them feel the warmth of the Opal people. Although the weather was very cold that day, occasionally it was raining. But this does not prevent the Opal people from moving forward. When all the condolences were sent to the hands of the condolences, our volunteer team members were relieved and did not hesitate to do so. This is the last piece of 2017 that makes sense and has temperature. It is also the new beginning of the re-starting of the Opal Volunteer Team.

In this era is the era, we have not stopped to care for the people around us for a long time, and often rushed to go, hurriedly, only to see the immediate interests. People who often see news reports have difficulties and need help, but we often just blink and we won’t pay too much attention. In fact, I still think about it. When I have the opportunity, I will definitely help. But it is not the time. This may be human inertia.

I have seen such an essay in the news of the essays. The content is probably that in the early morning of winter in Beijing, most people are still immersed in their dreams. There are so many people who get up early, they are still not bright in the sky. The snow on the Beijing road surface was cleaned up so that pedestrians who did not go to work slipped and injured, reducing accidents. They are very thin and are women between the ages of 45 and 50. Few people will pay attention to such a group, but there are two young people who buy 50 KFCs every week and then send them to these clean aunts in the morning. 

When the reporter asked him why he wanted to do this, the young man replied: "I don't think it's okay, because I saw them like seeing my mother, it's this age, but she is gone, she lived forever. I haven't eaten KFC. So I want to pass this warmth to the aunts, let them know that there are people who care about them, and I will do it straight." The gift of the rose has a lingering fragrance, giving people more than accepting it. Get happiness.

Life has never been easy, let alone the world of adults has never been easy. Just like the 60-year-old mother came out early in the morning to buy buns to pay for his son, the 8-year-old child was forced to drop out of school to go home, the single mother and the monk supported the family's economy, etc... The various injustices of life are not to make us more Cold-blooded, but let us know that in such a difficult environment, we can not lose hope, lose love, but keep forever young, always tears, full of blood, full of love, to struggle, to meet difficulties, and then Go to help people who are equally difficult.

The world is fair because it is unfair to everyone. Therefore, I hope that more people can join our Opal Volunteer Team to help more people in need, find their own in the complex world, realize the value of self and promote our corporate culture.