Holding hands and holding hands

发布日期:2019-08-02 23:42
On November 13, 2016, the 5th Large-scale Parent-child Charity and Love Enterprise Bazaar of Cihang Public Welfare was held in the Convention and Exhibition Center of the city. It is reported that on the same day, the donation of 101.05 million yuan was received, and there were more than 400 loving enterprises participating in the sale day, more than 20 schools and more than 30 kindergartens; nearly 100 pieces of appeals were attracted, and about 1,600 volunteers were on site.

The purpose of the charity sale day is to promote "charity is not money, is the heart", "charity starts, happiness sails", "everyone can be charitable, everyone can charity" love and help people, encourage enterprises and individuals to come up with their own products Participate in charity sales, and give love to a harmonious society; advocate parents to take children, take home idle toys, reading materials, etc. to participate in the sale, to participate in and feel the joy brought by compassion, to spread love and warmth in the child's heart.

Opal Group took its new scalp cleansing shampoo to participate in the charity sale of "big hands and small hands, set off love" at a price lower than the cost price. More than 10 volunteers from the Opal Volunteer Team participated. On the day of the Cihang activities, there was no shortage of people to take part in it. The most active on-site sales were the children of the Opal Volunteer Team. Some of them even took the initiative to attack the scalp and raise the shampoo at the venue. Selling around, many caring citizens can't hold back the sales offensives of the children and happily traded.

The charity event, including charity sale, auction and cash donation, totaled more than one million yuan. At the same time, Opal Group also participated in the charity sale for the third time. The company donated a total of 9360 yuan worth of toiletries to the site to set up a charity sale and tour. Field sales, this is also a good way for the Opal Group to give back and grateful to the society. Here, the group is grateful to the caring volunteers of the Opal Volunteers who participated in the charity sale, and thanked the Opal for their charity.