Charity start, happy start, love is passing, opal is in action

发布日期:2019-08-09 13:58
On December 27th, 2015, Opal actively responded to the charity call to participate in the “Big Hands Holding Hands, Spreading Love Together” Cihang Public Welfare 4th Large Parent-child Charity and Love Enterprise Charity Sale. The charity sale was held in Huizhou Convention and Exhibition Center and attracted 233 love enterprises, 60 primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and more than 4,000 families to participate in the charity sale.

The event was co-sponsored by the Municipal Co-organizer, the Municipal Women's Federation, the Municipal Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau, and the Civil Affairs Bureau. It was hosted by Huizhou Cihang Public Welfare Association and Huizhou Convention and Exhibition Center, Huizhou Newspaper Media Group, Huizhou Radio and Television Media Group, and Huizhou Foreign Investment Enterprise. The association, the Hong Kong Federation of Industry, the Pearl River Delta Industrial Association Huizhou Branch, and the Huicheng District Foreign Investment Enterprise Association co-organized.

Opal sells its branded products at a loving price, and contributes a small amount of energy to the charity. All the proceeds will be used to help the poor, help the students, and so on. The Cihai Public Welfare Charity Fair achieved fruitful results and eventually raised a total of more than 1 million yuan.