Passing the spirit of volunteerism and bringing together the power of love

发布日期:2019-08-09 14:16
Since the establishment of the Opal Volunteer Team on June 6, 2016, the first volunteer activity has been carried out to condolence to the elderly in Shuikou.

On June 25th, the volunteer team planned a two-week event and finally started as scheduled. On this day, the sun is shining and the members are enthusiastic. The volunteer team will spread the love and use it to appeal to more people. At 9:30, the team members arrived at the nursing home on time. Under the arrangement of the captain, the members were divided into groups and used the tools in the yard to organize the entire courtyard, staircase, office, and elderly room. Although the weather was hot, when we cleaned up a pile of litter and paper dust into the trash can, we smiled; when we wiped the tables and chairs of the grandparents, we were sincere and sincere; when we Volunteers took up the broom rag and swept and rubbed it bit by bit. They deeply felt the warmth of love. Love needs to be cultivated from the doll. Chatting with the elderly will be an important topic of this volunteer activity.

 It is understood that there are more than 20 elderly people in Shuikou Nursing Home. Most of these elderly people are over 85 years old. One of them is over 100 years old. Most of them are local five-guarantee households. And this centenarian has attracted our attention, the grandfather is too thin, really only skinny. Language and hearing have completely degraded, bedridden all the year round, life can not take care of themselves, and the wife who is accompanied by the old grandfather is the daughter of the grandfather, is 70 years old. After talking with her, she was also a carer in the nursing home. She was raised by the grandfather when she was three years old. She has never had her own home. Here, she can take care of her father and take care of more elderly people. Every day, Grandma will feed the old grandfather with some thin paste, and wipe the underwear for the grandfather every day. Ah said: "I only hope that my father can leave peacefully. Don't be too painful. Our father and daughter are living together. It is not easy to reach this age. Thank the government, thank you so many people." Listening to the grandmother, there are many volunteers on the scene. I don’t feel tears.

And the ambassador of our volunteer team, Ping Sister, really uses her heart to explain what is love. Ping sister stroked the grandfather’s head and gently squatted on the old grandfather’s face, encouraging the grandfather to recite the Buddha’s words for the grandfather. The people on the scene were moved by this warm picture. Ping’s sister used her own words and deeds. All volunteer members spread love and use more good people to influence more people.

The important part of the activity was to send gifts and performances to grandparents, and all the personnel were transferred to the second floor activity room. The Dean of the Senior Citizens welcomed and thanked us for coming. Everyone gave their grandparents a loving hug, cut their nails and chatted for them, and the whole activity room was as warm as a family. At this moment, we are all family members, listening to the grandparents talking about their past. Although some old people are not screaming, when our children personally give gifts, watermelons and bananas to the elderly, everyone laughs, the picture is really warm, and the children use the action to evoke the true feelings of the old man. We sang a song, happy clap songs, and the whole event room became a sea of joy.

The event gradually came to an end, and we took a group photo with all the grandparents and left them reluctantly. Finally, the volunteer team organized all the members to the “Yuhuazhai” in Longhu, Huizhou for vegetarian dining. Many people came here for the first time. According to the staff, “Yuhuazhai” has been distributed in dozens of cities across the country, with nearly 600. There is no organizational relationship, no rules and regulations, no transactions, and no economic benefits. On the contrary, this kind of free love, food promotion, and gratitude for all things are subtly conveyed to more and more people. We have also benefited a lot from it.

At this event, we were very happy. During the conversation with the old people, I heard their stories and felt deeply. Their experience was very rough, their life was very difficult, but they all came over. Now living alone in the nursing home, what is most needed in the heart is care and warmth. The most lacking is actually the comfort of spiritual life. Our arrival will definitely make them feel the joy of family life in family life. In fact, the old people do not have too many demands. As long as someone can chat with them and talk, they will be very happy, and these things are just a little effort for us. More care, more listening will make those old people no longer feel lonely, they can let them feel the warmth.

The Opal Volunteer Team will continue to pass on this love, to participate in more love activities, and welcome more caring people to join us.

Opal Administration Department